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Bourne Cabin Bed.

Football Cabin Bed



For younger children right through to teenagers, both boys and girls, cabin beds like this meet a need for storage and are of course lower than higher bed with wardrobes.

Children always needs storage and these beds have loads for kids of all ages.



And all made in the UK





Childrens High Sleeper Beds and Cabin Beds can be made from a variety of materials, we reccomend the use of melamine coated board, the same as most kitchen cabinets. Unlike painted or paper covered board this is resistant to scratching and moisture damage. Sometimes customers ask why use chipboard for these beds, the simple reason is that this is a more sustainable material, which uses trees that can be easily replaced and re-cycled wood, as well as being very strong and stable when used in such large beds.

The terms childrens High Sleeper beds, Cabin Beds, Loft Beds and High Beds are a few of the terms often used to describe similar beds.  Any bed which has the height of the bed base above 80cm should meet the British and European safety standard EN747 and is a true High Sleeper Bed. All the beds on this page with the bed base height above 79.5cm on this website meet this standard. Cabin Bed gets its name from ship cabin beds, but it is not widely used to describe all forms of low and high beds like all those on this page. When buying a "High Sleeper" where the bed base is over 79.5cm from the floor you should make sure it meets EN747 for the protection of your child. You may wish to consider if you need a desk or wardrobe built into the bed or free standing. The choice for Girls and Boys is normally down to colours rather than size or style.


Midi Cabin Beds

The alternative bed for all age groups.